Move or die review

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Move or Die opts for the approach that many other successful party games go for which is a simple design and constantly changing situations to keep players engaged.

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Say hello to Move or Die - the game that ruins friendships.

May 6, 2016 Move or Die certainly manages to sum up its appeal succinctly. It's a game where you die if you stop moving. Pretty simple stuff. Thankfully, the .

Move or Die is a multiplayer action-puzzle game developed by Romanian indie studio Those Reception[edit]. On review aggregator Metacritic, Move or Die has received "generally favorable" reviews. Hardcore Gamer scored the game 4.5 .

  1. Feb 17, 2016 Move or Die is an absolute blast and quite possibly one of the best party games on Steam. Discover why in our review.

  2. Oct 22, 2018 That is very much the case with Move or Die, the "multiplayer, the Steam homepage and garner the four reviews necessary to get a Metacritic .

  3. will be appearing in a slew of games, including Rocket League [official site]. Read the rest of this entry. Tagged with Adult Swim, Move or Die, Rick and Morty, .

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Read reviews and ratings of Move or Die from our experts, and see what our community.

Move or Die Review. If you’ve ever thought there ought to be a frantic, high stakes party game that blasts you in the face with vibrant color and requires reflexes that cripple fingers.

Move or Die is a perfect example of genius in its simplicity. Genius that involves blasting a sentient teacup in the head with a sniper rifle, but genius nonetheless.