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Johto shares its Pokémon League, Storage System developer, and villainous team with Kanto. In Generation II and IV, between Johto and Kanto , the Dark type and the Ground type are the only types not represented by an official.Sep 4, 2010 can some one tell me the best johto pokemon team, Pokemon Heart Gold Questions and answers, Nintendo.Johto ist die Region, in der das Geschehen von Pokémon Gold, Silber und Pokémon Kristall sowie Pokémon HeartGold und SoulSilver hauptsächlich spielt.

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Typhlosion: by far, my favorite Pokemon of all time. johto doesn't have many fire types, and two of the better ones sans typhlosion, arcanine and houndoom, are hg exclusive or safari zone catches, respectively.Seeing the current pokemon in your party, if I were you, I would go with, 1. Togekiss (evolve from Togetic using a shiny stone): Type : NORMAL/FLYING Ability .My Johto Pokemon Team. So I had a lot fun making that kanto team video and it made me want to do Johto immediately after. Pokemon gold silver and crystal are my favorite pokemon games.

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Es gibt in Pokemon kein "bestes Team". Und auch ein "sehr gutes" wird schwierig sein. Für den Anfang fang dir einfach möglichst viele Pokemon unterschiedlichen.I'm gonna attempt to play Heart Gold and Soul Silver again and I'd like to get an opinion on my last member of my Pokemon team.Oct 14, 2012 -While obtainable late in the Johto part of the game and evolving at a very high level, This is my team and it works very well (At least.