Gta 4 car crashes slow motion

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if website for more details. Slow Motion Car Crashes Pt 5 GTA V Videogamegenius.

Slow motion CLEO mod already made by few people here, but I want to recreate (not steal it) slow motion mode and I add sound effect between slow gameplay and normal gameplay. Fade effect is added! See the video below, wait for 01:43 to see them. There's isn't something new, but here's.

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Game: Music: This video was made with Sony Vegas If you like this video and you want more, don't forget to subscribe, share and give it a thumbs up!! Beaming Lets play fatal crash dashcam brutal deadly crazy physics.

  1. GTA 5 Funny Moments 3 - Big Explosions, Crashes, Deaths, Traffic Jam Fun, Teabag (GTA 5 Gameplay).

  2. I'd like slow motion in the way Max Payne 3 does it. I absolutely love watching my bullet fly in slow motion, seeing it hit a guy in the nuts, his reaction and then seeing the bullet.

  3. Yes, I have, butI mean, Burnout Paradise has very detailed crashes, 'cause when you crash to a wall, you can see how your glass crashes and throws out the debris and the body of the car starts to slowly damage, and the weels.

Ever feel like time is simply passing you by too quickly in Los Santos? If so, then you need to use the slow motion cheat. Activate it and your world will be slowed down instantly, getting from A to B will seem to take forever, traffic and pedestrians will come to a near stand-still.

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