Shadow priest pvp spec vanilla

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Shadow builds Talents Cookie-cutter Raiding Build (cata) (8/0/31)+2 [Current as of 4.2] This is the shadow spec for cataclysm for PvE dps. The additional points can be placed anywhere that you need to for utility, but the points already in place are all necessary.

PvP movie from early 2006 in Vanilla WoW patch 1.9. Made by Xantim on Deathwing.

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  1. i started wand then shadow whenever i would make priests on vanilla retail just because your wand does 60%+ of your dps until you're level 30 or so (especially if you can get a boost thru BFD at level 18 for that 30 dps shadow wand). why spec for a chance of getting a spirit boost when you don't really use your spells.

  2. shadow priest has few weakness in vanilla, main one is managing your mana, second is player forgetting he / she still a priest and can use heal / dispel / mind control etc alliance has it better for pve but ud's get extra dots for pvp, pretty fun class to play if you don't mind having your bags full of consumables, cuz you gonna.

  3. Under the assumption that PvP (even as a dedicated Shadow Priest) can usually get a bit hectic and you're never really going to be just sitting there slamming spells on an enemy? Or does it actually stack up quite quickly.

The thing was that our biggest weakness as shadow priests at least back then was melee. Like now we were fine against casters. Like now we were fine against casters. But we had access to much higher armor rating in vanilla.

  1. Shadow priests, arguably, had been one of the most powerful PvP characters overall, although less so as of present. Priest specced shadow (most talents .

  2. An efficient and simple guide for Shadow Priests Hello, my name is Nromesveld. I played on Elysium PvP for a long time, until the server shut. Therefore, start playing with a shadow spec from level 1 to level 60 straight away! I played SP in Vanilla and it was fun as shit, but definitely not complicated, .

  3. Ppl is saying spriests were very good in pvp pre-BC, but why exactly? There was Was spriest dmg/survivability just nerfed hard in BC? Last edited Long ago shadowpriests had a talent called "Focused Casting".

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Dec 8, 2015 The guide was written for the Feenix private vanilla server and YMMV porting the i. Soloing and PvP Shadowpriest (aka the leveling spec).