Pokemon gold walkthrough kanto region

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Story. Today's the day you turn twelve years old, which means today is the day you get your first Pokemon. But if you were expecting an uneventful journey across the Tunod region, you'd be dead wrong.

  1. On continuing the game, you'll see yourself in New Bark Town. Head to Prof Elm's lab and he'll give you an S.S. Ticket so that you can board a ship to Kanto.

  2. Like Pokémon Red and Blue, Yellow takes place in the Kanto region, which features habitats for 151 Pokémon species. The objectives remain the same as well, though some differences exist along the way. For example, in the beginning, the player is not given an option of choosing one of three starter Pokémon.

  3. Saffron is one of the biggest cities in Kanto so there's a fair amount to do. If you need to heal, do so at the Pokemon Center just ahead. At the other end of this street is Mr. Psychic's house and, if you speak to him, he'll give you TM29 - Psychic, the best Psychic-type.

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  1. Sep 4, 2012 Kanto is the second area in Gold, Silver and Crystal. Travel there after conquering Johto. Collect the second set of eight badges, then challenge .

  2. Celadon City is the Kanto Region's largest city and has many parallels to Goldenrod City in Johto. The Pokemon Center is straight.

  3. The Unova region The game takes place in a new region called Unova (previously known as Isshu in the Japanese version), which appears to be quite industrious and includes several large towns with skyscrapers.

Sep 22, 2017 Unlike Pokemon Yellow, which was merely a re-hash of the Red and Blue games, Pokemon Gold and Silver feature an entirely new quest .

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Illustrating the original Pokémon gameplay concepts, the player begins his game in Pallet Town, a small town in the Kanto region, on the same day as his former best friend and now rival. Professor Oak calls the player to his laboratory, and allows the player to choose from the three Kanto starter Pokémon: the Grass-type Bulbasaur, the Fire-type Charmander, or the Water-type Squirtle.

It is possible to upgrade your Trainer Card a total of 4 times by completing the following tasks in Pokemon Blue, Green Bronze, Silver.