Skyrim nexus locational damage mod

Sep 14, 2016 Similar to the Locational Damage Mod by Kahmul but simpler, and more I made this to make Skyrim fun, what's not fun is trying to factor.

Oct 21, 2018 [Description] This mod makes it possible to do extra damage and knockdown etc. effect depending on the body part when the attack hits the .

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I'm not modding or playing any skyrim, and I decided to do some 7.8%; locational damage:

Description: Hello Skyrim modding community! Today I bring to you a mod I’ve been putting together for quite some time and is finally ready for re release.

Released less When you sign up for Nexus you agree to a ToS that says you will not do these things. For me personally, I don't really care much for locational damage.

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File credits. Besides the SkyUI team itself, there are other people as well who helped significantly to make this mod a reality. In the following they are listed by name, including a list of their contributions.