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Pretty easy game with the exp share, so just use whatever your favorites here, but I'll give some suggestions. 1. Delphox: 2. 1. Yes, Delphox is probably the worst .I remembered I used this team on Pokemon Y, but I deleted my profile on the game and handed it to my sister, so I can have Pokemon X and she can have Pokemon Y commented Nov 26, 2014 by GreninjaFan1331.

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Please note, that this won't make your team good at the second thought. Grass type may be the worst type in attack and defense - but it may be wunderful if the opponent's team consists of "strong" Ground and Water types.Garchomp is the quintessential example of a near perfect Pokémon. Charizard with Rock Slide before Charizard can do too much damage.

  1. If you've got a water Pokémon, don't only teach him water type attacks. It maybe can Please note, that this won't make your team good at the second thought.Oct 13, 2013 Greninja can be a good mixed Pokemon in-game. If you do get a Female Meowstic, Charge Beam is an option for her over a screen, if you .

  2. They are, in theory, the best chosen moves for that Pokémon. However There are many things that you need to know about the team making process, and these are listed below. It doesn't matter if it's 4x or 0.25x.The best coverage is often worth not taking a STAB move- so look at your thoughts of a team, and weigh which moves fit which pokemon best. Avoid same-type coverage on too many pokemon (having Earthquake / Earth Power on 4 pokemon is bad use of moveslots).

  3. blueguy120 This is the top ten of the best pokemon team Each team doesn't have any legendary pokemon or any pokemon in it's final evolution.When you Trade Pokémon with a Friend, there's a chance both of you will end up with a Lucky Pokémon. Unlike Shiny, Lucky aren't a different color — though they do sparkle on your screen — but they do have a benefit: They cost only 1/2 the Stardust to power.

The Best Team for Kalos! You guys can stop bugging me now. Kidding only kidding! But yeah today, we are going to be going over the best team to take on X and Y with. These Pokemon.Apr 22, 2014 "Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favourites.".

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Jul 25, 2018 Greninja Pros and Cons * Fast and outspeeds most Pokemon in the it before you get to the fighting gym) and easy win against the dragon type Pretty fast; Has a very good attack stat; It does well against the whole of team .The best team you can make is one that's' full of creativity! Not a team of copy and paste, it would just be boring. Not a team of copy and paste, it would just be boring.

Building a championship caliber team in Pokemon can be an incredibly challenging task. With nearly 700 different monsters to choose from, creating the ultimate stable.If you're trying to make a team for competitive battling, then you need to make one that can stand up to the top Pokémon. If you're just bored, or you want to do it for the sake of having a team, then consider sticking to your favorite Pokémon.